My Story

Hi!  Nice to meet you.  :)

I'm a bubbly 20-something girl with a passion for fashion and a story that is not unfamiliar.
I love life, and I love love.

The story of my triumphs began when I finally realized that the love, acceptance, and admiration that I felt for other people was not extending to the way I treated myself.
 So, I decided to change.

I have battled with eating disorder (ED) behaviors since the age of 14.  It all began when I become very weight conscious, and constantly worried about being 'fat'.  These negative thoughts progressed to binge eating disorder (BED), and were followed by years of restrictive dieting, accompanied by significant weight loss. 

In the past couple of years I grew exhausted of my ED behaviors and desperately yearned for a normal relationship with food and my body.  I was tired of missing out on life because of my fear of dealing with the food issues that any given situation would throw my way.
  In January of 2010 I began the journey to health by picking up exercise, and confronting my eating disorder demons.

It's been a tough road, with many ups and downs, but, I have come a long way from where I started.  I had to teach my mind and my body that it was OKAY to: eat (!), not fit into size 0 jeans, not be the thinnest person at any given time, and to have curves.  
In this healing process, I gained a few pounds and went up a pant size or two.  I also dealt with bouts of binge eating and restriction.   

Of course, I'm not attempting to say that I no longer struggle.  My mind still houses some underlying body image and food issues, and I sometimes still struggle a bit with these issues.  But, now I know that it's possible to pull yourself out of disordered eating and thinking, and to accept yourself just the way you are.

I hope that this blog is of some value to others, and will help at least one person out in the way that others' blogs have helped me. 

Thanks for stopping by & have a wonderful day!



  1. I love this.
    Love it!!!~!~!!

  2. Thanks, Missy! You're wonderful. :)

  3. Hey Yasi : )
    So happy to have found your blog!! I can't wait to keep reading!


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