Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Re-thinking my new blog-- oii vey!

Hey Loves!

Okay, so I'm being totally schizo about what I want to do with my new blog.  I feel like I have made so many real relationships through this blog, and my new one just feels so... new and cold.

I miss all my friends on here.  So, I'm debating just coming back to this one, and re-incorporating everything into one.  I miss you guys too much!!!

What would you do if you were in my place?

Lots of Love!!



  1. I understand what you mean by feeling a bit conflicted. I have a wedding blog. I just end up neglecting it after we got married and forgot about it until recently when I posted a post about life in general. Then I realize that I miss it.

    But will I resume blogging there. Probably not. Because I already have a new one along with my ED one. I am sure if I decide to leave that "new-wedded" blog then I will feel this way all over again. :)

    I think you should definitely keep this one and keep your other new one. Give it time. Run with it (the new one). Let it "grow"--it takes time for people to find and follow your new blog. You can remind your followers about the new one--post it on FB wall to get more followers.

    That's what I do with my new blog (I'm sure you have seen it--I post about "it's a deaf thing" from time to time...oops better get on that one soon).

    I'd say give it time.

    (I absolutely love your blogs by the way).



  2. To totally conflict you, I'll say that you could successfully incorporate your new one here. Part of your triumph is being able to fully enjoy yourself in your clothes, and style, right?

    But, you know I'll read it, no matter where you go. <3 you!

  3. I've never understood why people need multiple blogs for different things when there is just one you. Unless the topic is something totally detached from your daily thoughts and inspirations there is no need. So, that being said I'd just stay here. Revamp it to state what you talk about here and those who like the talk about body image AND fashion will stay and continue to love you!!

  4. I was going to go with a more professional blog (attached to the eating disorder work I do) and then my personal blog.
    And then I realised that I am the work I do, that I can be many different people, or selves.
    That I can also love fashion and work in in clinical practice, and still have my voice, and that I have nothing to really separate.
    Sometimes people like to have different focuses and therefore separate things out, but often that leaves one neglected.
    I would love to see everything here.
    Not because I don't want to flick between blogs, but because I think part of the shifts and changes, are about you growing.
    As I have healed I left my old ED world behind, and started to live. And then I got involved in Beat and ED's became something I was working with and it all was about me and the differences in my life.
    I rambled a lot so...
    I hope I have made some sense <3


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