Thursday, September 9, 2010

Post wedding *very* small update!!

Hi everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

We have been extremely busy moving in together and with arranging our new home, so I haven't had much time to even go on Blogger.

I'm just posting a quick note here with a few pix to tell you that the wedding was AMAZING and the best day of our lives!!!!  I freaking CROWD SURFED at my own wedding.  Hah!

And our honeymoon in Aruba was, hands down, the most fabulous week ever.

ED issues have very much lessened since the wedding and since being married.  But I will get into this a lot more in coming posts.

Here are just a FEW pictures, as I haven't gotten more than a handful of professional pictures back yet.  Out of respect for J's wishes, I will not post any pictures of him on here.  So, I'm not just being a self-centered bride! =)  I can't wait to get back to posting regularly!!!

P.S.  All but the first photo that I'm posting were taken by Kelly Gillespie, owner of Looking Glass Photography in Michigan.  Kelly's work is absolutely amazing, and she is fantastic to work with!  Her website is:  The image quality is pretty low here because I don't have the actual .jpeg images yet, I just copied and pasted pictures from where I found them on people's accounts online =P  So, the real stuff is much better!



  1. Beautiful! I'm glad things are well with you. Congrats :)

  2. you look absolutely gorgeous! congratulations, i'm happy you had fun :)

  3. Too beautiful....there are no words. Congrats, of course. How do you look so good while crowd surfing is beyond me. As strange s it is...I have actually thought about you (seeing the un-bolded blog in my reader) and thinking that you were having the time of your life and it looks lik you did!

  4. beautiful photos! YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS!!!!! <3

  5. Thanks so much, girls!!!

    You are so very sweet =D


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