Monday, December 20, 2010

Lack of exercise associated with the 'blues'?

I haven't been to the gym since before Thanksgiving.  While I've been practicing intuitive eating and not feeling as frantic about food and weight, something has been off with my emotional well-being.  I've been getting up later than usual, sleeping more, and have been feeling generally cranky and 'under the weather'.

Could it be because I haven't been going to the gym?  I was so used to getting exercise about 3X a week, and ever since I haven't been going I feel a change in my overall attitude.  Things that normally wouldn't bother me are intensely affecting me.  I feel a lot less accomplished and a lot more 'blue'.

The reason I stopped going to the gym in the first place was because I wanted to lose some unwanted muscle mass, and so I could recalibrate my body.  Now I'm finding that I'm missing the tense muscles and the mental euphoria that I got from working out.

I really do think the change in my state of mind is because I haven't gotten exercise.  So maybe all of the studies about exercise as a mood elevator and stabilizer are true?

It's just kind of weird/crazy/cool to see the phenomenon within yourself.
I'm a human guinea pig!

Has anyone else dealt with this?

P.S.  I'm going to get dressed and hit the gym. :)


  1. Hmm.. that might be something to do with it. I'm not quite sure. Just make sure you don't overdo going to the gym. There's also other ways to exercise like yoga and pilates. Much more calming and stuff if you want to try it.

  2. Exercising does boost "good feeling" hormones (Sertorin and Dophamine but mainly Deophamine). so it is also known as "runner's high". I do love that sensation that I get from working out. It makes me feel like a superwoman.

    I think it is a great idea for you to start exercising moderately. It can be dancing, running, or whatever you like. My choice of exercise now is dancing. It is light, fun, and easy.

    Like Danielle said, be careful not to abuse exercising or over-exercise. :)

  3. I have a love/hate relationship with the gym. I hate going when it's cold, but love the feeling I have when finished. I was planning on not going today, but just feel so blah, that I might go after dinner, even if it's just to walk on the treadmill.

    I totally get where you're coming from...remember my craziness when my gym was closed for months?

  4. I love to go to the gym-it helps me see how far I've come and what I can do when I'm on track and healthy!! It definitely helps me keep on track.
    (Like Ashley, I love to dance too!)

    But like Danielle and Ashley said be careful not over exercise.

    You have been doing so wonderfully with intuitive eating and excepting/listening too your body! A true inspiration to me.

  5. wow thats a good point! it makes sense then too that since theres generally less exercise over the holidays.. theres more "blue" moods! great point to bring up!! <3

  6. Yes! It is fun to start recognizing what your body needs, what makes it feel good....its part of intuitive eating/living.

    I went through this same thing and guess what? When I went back I was so FREE from all the schlock we have about exercise leftover from the ED.

    I hope you had the same experience when you go to exercise you will TRULY being doing it because you want to and it makes you happy and feel good (0:



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