Friday, December 17, 2010

These boots are made for walkin'

and that's just what they'll do

Tonight we're going out for a friend's birthday party.  Which to me says: "Yay! Friends!", and then "Yay! What am I gonna wear?!?!".

I love love loooove boots.  I have pink ones, blue ones, black ones, new ones... okay okay, I'll stop with the rhyming. =P

And since it's super cold out here, I wanted something that I would be warm in.  I chose to wear the following ensemble:

-Beaded lace black tank (Express)
-Long black sweater (Forever21)
-Checkered tights (Target...I think)
-Royal blue boots (Journey's)
-Silver ring (Picked up in travels!)
-Big hoop earrings (Forever21)

Every time I put an outfit together, I start with one piece and build it from there.  I chose the black sweater because it was cozy and warm, but cute at the same time.  Then I added the tights because they were a little bit funky, and the boots were just begging to be added to the look.

I am a big believer of having a signature focal point to an outfit.  If you're wearing all black, then something in your outfit must pop-- whether it's a long beaded pearl necklace, a funky headpiece, or some crazy colored boots. ;)  Sometimes my 'pops' are a little unconventional, and sometimes my fashion choices don't work out and I end up looking a little nutty.  But if you can't have fun with fashion, then what's the point?!

As always, I'm posting pix, but please excuse the no make-up and scraggly hair!  I wanted to figure out what I would wear before I got all ready, and I knew I wouldn't have time to take pix after I got ready tonight--since we're leaving as soon as J gets home.  

Side note... I wish that I had a more appealing place to take these pix... but until then, we're stuck with ugly curtains and a cute Christmas tree. :)

These boots are bluer than Smurfette!


These hoop earrings are fun-they have a little bit of a sparkly design woven into them

Happy Friday everyone!! <3


  1. I LOVE the outfit! Especially the boots and earings - I'm a hoops fan.

    Straggly hair no make up?!? YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!

    I wish I had better fashion tastes, it can take me for ever to pick out a outfit like you just put together.

    Have a wonderful time tonight!


  2. I love that outfit! I think the boots are my favorite, I'm a boots fan too(:

    You hair & makeup look fine, I'm pretty self conscious if I'm not all done up either, but I think natural beauty is real beauty(:

    Have a great time tonight!

  3. You are beautiful, Yasi, and your outfits are always adorable.

    I miss seeing your face on fb and tn. I hope you're doing well.


  4. Love the outfit!!!! :D I get my ideas from you all of the time!! :)


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