Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Top 10 Things To Have in your Closet & Shop in Your Closet: Part I (NYE edition)

Those of us in love (yes, actual yearning love) with fashion are constantly faced with the newest things that we'd love to get our hands on.  Oh, what I wouldn't give to have a chic mid-length faux-fur winter coat, a pair of fabulous booties, a few more dressy tops, and of course, the love of my life, my obsession... the classic Chanel quilted handbag.

But that's just it.  Sometimes you can't just 'give anything' to buy new clothing, accessories, or the like, and you have to get creative.  One of the cheapest, most fun and rewarding ways to acquire new looks is to hunt for them in your own closet.  However, it does make things easier if you generally stick to buying simple pieces that you can add onto.  

Here are 10 great building blocks for an easy-to-assemble wardrobe:

1.  Dark skinny jeans (You can dress these up with a hot top and heels, or dress them down with an oversized sweatshirt and sneakers)
2.  A shrunken jacket in any color, but black works best (Throw it over a tank to stay warm and chic when going out, or wear it over a men's shirt tucked into a pencil skirt for work)
3.  A variety of scarves (Very user friendly)
4.  A pair of hot black heels
5.  A pair of black flat riding boots
6.  A pair of funky flats (leopard or zebra print, anyone?!)
7.  A few plain-colored tank tops- black, white, royal blue, etc... (Just like the skinny jeans, you can dress these up or down)
8.  A few go-to accessories: a long necklace, pretty dangly earrings, a cute headband, a silver cuff bracelet, a couple of belts (Sometimes accessories can truly make an outfit)
9.  A functional but cute all-purpose purse, and a fun and sparkly 'going out' purse
10. A little black dress (LBD) (A staple!)

You now know most of my fashion-jedi tricks... use them wisely, young one!

So, that brings me to New Year's Eve 2011.  We have plans to go out with a group of friends, and I've never ever gone out for New Year's before (Can you believe it?!).  I am SO EXCITED (!!!!!!).  

What will I wear?!

At first I thought, well, of course, I'll just go out and get a new party dress.  Then I started reevaluating... do I really need another dress? If I get a new dress I may be tempted to get new shoes and accessories... do I really want to spend a bunch of money just to get dressed for NYE?

For a few days the shopping-obsessed devil and the money-concious angel on my shoulders duked it out.  And now I'm proud to announce that the angel won. :)  So, I went shopping in my closet, and utilized rule #10.

I bought a cute little black dress about a year ago and have only worn it once.  After a little bit of outfit experimentation, I put together two outfits:

LBD with black rhinestone belt.  Accessorized with rhinestone black pumps and a chunky necklace.  Hair pulled into a simple pony tail to highlight the statement necklace.
Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes: Nina
Belt & Dress: Not sure

Very simple.  LBD accessorized with funky belt and black rhinestone pumps.  Hair is worn half up.  No accessories as to not complete with the hair and the ruffles of the dress.
Dress: Not sure
Belt: Forever 21
Shoes: Nina

After putting together both outfits I decided that I'm most likely going to wear look #1.  It's a little bit more fun and a little more NYE. 

So, tell me:
Are you doing anything for NYE?
Do you know what you're going to wear?
Do you shop out of your own closet for a special occasion or do you hit up the mall for a new outfit?


  1. You looked beautiful, Yasi!

    Have fun on NYE!

    Yes, I'll be going out to a friend's house. She is hosting a party there. It is a very low-key thing though with a lot of food, drinks and fun music.

    I think I'm going to wear a cute dress with knee boots. Or go with skinny jeans and cute top. Haven't decided.

    I tend to shop! we are trying to watch our money for the I'm learning how to experiment with the clothes in my closet.

    Thanks for the tips, Yasi!

  2. i love the necklaces, the complement the black and sheen of the dress so well! <3

  3. I love look #2. You have such beautiful hair!

    Mike and I aren't up to much this year. We were on our honeymoon last year for New Year's, so this year I think we're going to be bums. :/

  4. Thanks for the fashion building blocks! Your outfit looks great. Have fun! I am stepping out of my comfort zone and going to a New Year's Eve party this year.


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