Friday, January 7, 2011


The past month or so I've been very inspired.  I want to do EVERYTHING.  All at once.  Amazingly, I keep  coming across and coming up with awesome opportunities.  However, the one thing that's hanging over my head and holding me back from taking everything else on is my thesis.

After many days and nights of contemplation and fruitful discussions with J, I decided to put everything else aside, and just focus on finishing my thesis.  I knew that if I did all of these things simultaneously, one of the multitude of things I was trying to accomplish would suffer, and I definitely did not want to 'half ass' anything.  This was a very difficult choice for me because I really do want to do it all.  I often aspire to be a "Yes Woman", and to have experiences in many different things.  We're only on this Earth once, right?  But, I know that once my thesis is out of the way, I can be free to take on anything else that I'm inspired to do.

Given that I decided to take on and FINISH such a big project meant that I had to get myself geared up.  Interestingly, I have a peculiar personality in which I jump into some things on a complete whim, but other things I have to practically coax myself into doing.  As a visual person, I decided to let my creative side emerge and help me put my goals and aspirations into a display that I could get motivation from every day.  Over a two day span I made this whimsical inspiration board:

Inspiring, right? ;)

I placed my inspiration board on the wall behind my work desk in "the cave" (my work/study area), and I can honestly say that it has indeed been very inspiring!

Last night, as I was browsing through one of my favorite blogs I came across a section on Filofax planners.  I am a big planner.  HUGE.  I love writing things down, making lists, updating calendars, etc.  In fact, one of my favorite things about the New Year as a child was getting a new wall calendar for my room (Although I guess I wasn't very much into variety, as the calendars always had one of three things: kittens, puppies, or tigers).  

Until this past year I always had my planner on me.  I would scribble little notes, put in stickers and sticky-notes, highlight important things, and doodle in the margins.  I was also able to check off things that I had completed.  I don't know if this is how the rest of the world is, but I get an actual jolt of joy that runs down my spine when I check something off a list.  It's fantastic.  
But, for Christmas last year, my Mom bought J and I iPhones, and I switched over most of my planning to my iCal.  I loved how I could sync my iCal on my phone with my Macbook iCal, and how I didn't have to carry around a bulgy planner.  However, gone were my doodles, my sticky notes, and my satisfaction for checking something off my To-Do List (I still try to do this by placing a typed 'X' by completed items on my iCal).
Back to the story... after reading the mentioned blogger's post about how wonderful real paper planners are, I gave into my temptations and scoured the internet for paper planners until 12:30 a.m.  I kept weighing the pros and cons of paper versus electronic planners and I finally decided that the only reason that I missed my paper planner was because I couldn't physically write or doodle anything in it.  What if I had some big inspiration, or if I wanted to stick a sticker somewhere?  No place to stick stickers and sticky notes?!  No place to highlight?!  BLASPHEMY!

So, before I went to bed I decided that I would keep my planning on my iCal and I would make a different notebook for inspirations and other things.  Voila!  Problem solved.

I found this journal in my library.  I have no idea who gave it to me, but I think I acquired it sometime during the wedding planning process.  For some reason I received multiple journals from various people who thought that it was the 'perfect' and most practical pre-wedding gift.  It is perfect, until you are gifted six journals within a year span! :)

I cut a lavender-colored sticky note into a few sections, decorated it with stickers, and made them into tabs.

The first tab is labeled "Aspirations".  This is where I write goals or challenges that I am taking on.

The second tab is labeled "Inspirations".  This tab will house anything from inspirational quotes, affirmations, pictures, and more.  This is also where I write what I am thankful for (ex: "I am so happy and grateful for having a healthy body that carries me through an exciting life.").

The third tab is labeled "Dreams".  This is where I record my dreams.  And if you knew of the crazy and vivid dreams that I have (even some that come TRUE), you would record them too! 

The fourth tab is labeled "Thoughts".  I'm not sure exactly what's going to go under this tab, but I'm always going to have thoughts, right? ;)

So, tell me...

Do you make inspiration boards or write in journals?

Are you as obsessed with planning as I am?  
Do you prefer to use a paper planner or an electronic one?

Finally, do you make New Year's resolutions?
I stopped making New Year's resolutions years ago.  Instead, I make resolutions year-round, and feel more genuine about them since they are on my own 'time' and not within the popular resolution-making period.


  1. Oh I love your pictures and ideas!

    I am currently making something for myself. It is called "My Radical Love Bible". It is where I can doodle, put pictures in, and learn how to appreciate my body even more. It is to unleash my inner child, I guess.

    YES I AM OBSESSEd with planning. I have Personality A. I have 2 different planners (sadly), a calendar, and online planner. I plan everything from my wedding, my period cycles (b/c I am no longer on pill), parties, my life, and everything you can name it.

    I like paper more than electronical one because I can doodle and scribble down whatever. It is more authentic that way. Don't get me wrong; I like electronical copy and it does make my inner perfection scream in glee because it's clean and tidy compared to my messy paper planners.

    Oh, I hate new year's resolutions. I have never really undrestood them. I have always felt they were too cliched.

    HOWEVER, I think it is okay to establish goals that you want to complete....and you can start it ANYTIME you want. ;)

  2. I do ALL of the things you just mentioned, including the constant debate between electronic and paper planners. I finally settled on both. I keep track of things on my iPhone, but more just for the reminders. Most of my planning is done in my personal notebook. It's basically a combination of a planner and that journal you made (only not nearly as cute!). It's a 3 ring binder with a monthly calendar in it, as well as notebook paper divided into sections such as favorite Bible verses, financial stuff, to do lists, books I want to read, etc.

    I think you, Ashley, and I all have this perfectionism in common, which is probably also why we all struggle with ED. Both of your blogs are so inspiring though, I'm thinking about starting my own.

  3. I love your board Yasi! I really like the little girl "dream".

    I have about 3 different ways of journaling. I especially love my doodle book. On any given day you may find a hastily written book I want to read. A random thing that happened. (Saw a rainbow) and like what I am feeling in a few sentences.A grocery list....etc.

    ps: If everyione could rock "the grunge look" like you it would be back in style. You probably role out of bed looking pretty. (Why do I have a feeling you are laughing right now?)


  4. Girls, we are all journaling freaks! Loves.

    Thanks for your kind comments.

    Missy, you're amazing! =)

  5. I'm an organise FREAK! Like you i love updating my wall calender, blackberry notes, journal ect.. Your journal is such a good idea i usually write those types of things in my yearly planner diary but i love how you made a seperate book for those things. I'd love to do one too but i'll only write in it for a few weeks then it will be history lol..
    I have a thing for new years resolutions there always the same (to save or lose weight) so i've set a realistic one: to learn how to swim. I use to be very good when i was in primary school always entered every swimming comp but lost the interest and confidence lol here's to trying..

    P-S: LOve your blog :)

  6. I LOVE your board and journal!! I have a small one ( journal) but like the idea of starting one similar to what you and Ashley have!!

    Planning planning planning - I use a paper calender because I can take it every where with me.

    New Year's resolutions? I make goals for the upcoming year......I hate the whole resolutions thing b/c most people drop them by the end of Jan or Feb... I take my goals slowly and work a little at a time....

    Have a great weekend!! :)


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