Monday, January 3, 2011

Time Shall Fix

I got a haircut this past wednesday.  I went home and immediately decided that I didn't like it and that it needed to be fixed--it needed more layers because it looked unbalanced.  I was pretty peeved.

Come Saturday I went in for a re-cut and told my stylist to cut some layers into my hair to balance it out.  The more she cut into it the worse it looked.  It got to a point that I just told her I liked it and to stop cutting.

Well.  My hair looks pretty shit.  As in, I have long hair, with this really choppy bob on top.  I have two hairstyles.  As if my hair couldn't decide if it wanted to be long or if it wanted to be short.

I was devastated.  But I had two options:

1.  Act rashly and cut all my hair off into a chin length bob.
2.  Act rationally and let the weird top layers grow out and have semi-normal hair in 3 months time.

After much contemplation I chose the latter.  I decided to either pull it back until it grows out or to style my hair curly--and when styled this way it's somewhat bearable.  I don't like it at all really, but what can I do?

This experience ties in nicely to my body image issues.  Sometimes I have bad days.  Days when I don't feel good about myself.  Days when all I see in the mirror is a girl who would be perfect if only she lost a few.  But obviously since she's sorta pudge, that lowers her worth.

But then I take a deep breath and remind myself that in time these negative feelings shall pass.  They always do.  My body has a happy weight and a positive mental state.  A place where I can eat and have FUN eating.  A place where food is a part of my life experience.  A place at which I have enough energy to work out and feel fantastic afterwards.  A place which my body obviously finds appealing, as if tries over and over again to get to that point.

So the days that I have negative thoughts and feelings of haste to resolve my current 'situation', I tell myself to just live it out.  Let it go.  Because chances are, a few days from now, I won't feel the same way.  And if I do, then I'll let a few more days go by and re-evaluate.

Time shall fix.


  1. I had this happen to me while I was in college. It almost looked like I had a mullet (ugh!). Like you, I chose the latter option, and spent a good 2 months with at least half of my hair pulled up, and resolved that it was the last time I was going to THAT hair stylist.

    So, I've been there; I feel your pain. However, I must admit...the curious part of me is dying for a picture, Yasi. ;)

  2. I agree with your post. I have been there with the bad hair situation in the past and unfortunately, there was not any other option than letting it grow out (the hairdresser cut it way too short).

    It did influence how I felt about myself and caused my ED to become more difficult to cope with. It was not a good moment.

    But you are right....let it go. After all, it is hair and it will grow back. :) When we have a bad day; just let it go and tomorrow will be a better day. :)

  3. I can really relate to this/: This hairstylist cut my bangs really badly.. they looked like crap for a week. But I just put my hair in a headband, and they grew out again.

    I like this post, in the end everything will always turn out okay. And your hair will always grow back.

  4. Wow! I totally understand....I had hair down past my shoulders but when asking my hairdresser to add a layer at my chin she cut it all off to my chin!! And she was one of those ladies that didn't turn you around till she was done... Another time my brother didn't like my hair cut so did a job on my bangs right before a piano recital!! Yup - I was super pissed...

    I love how you ended the post! =)

    hair grows back and mistakes happen - that's no reason to do rash stuff or give up!! <3

  5. I once thought about weight gain in terms of a bad haircut too!

    Sorry about your locks...Maybe you'll start a new trend!


  6. Missy, I remember that post! I can't believe that it actually happened to me in real life, though! :)


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