Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cutting it off

So, remember a while back when I was devastated because I had to cut my hair short in order to fix a terrible haircut?

Well, I'd say I'm really over that now!

I've become absolutely fascinated with playing with shorter hairstyles and I've been craving new haircuts monthly.  My mom thinks I'm certifiably insane, but I love it.  Before, I had a habit of utilizing my long hair as a security blanket.  But, now that it's gone I've become much more experimental with my fashion and stylistic choices.  It's so fun to get to switch up my hairstyles and my 'look', and it has actually given me a certain playful confidence. :)

So, now for the fun stuff...

Guess what I did yesterday?


I love it!

How do you like your hair--long, short, shaved ;) ?

Have you ever had a transformative haircut? 
Was it good or bad?



  1. haircut looks amazing. Beautiful.

    i have too many hair issues to cover. i have very, very frizzy and coarse hair. i give it keratin treatments and have it blown out as much as i can afford.

    April showers can make life one continuous bad hair day (never moving to Seattle or London!)

    Enjoy YOUR adorable new do.

  2. Love the hair! You look amazing!!

    I have had many different hair styles over the years. I went short, long, medium, or crazy even. I came to realize that I like 2: Short or Long. Not medium. Ha ha.


  3. I've only worn my hair really short once - when I was in high school, and it looked horrible. I have thick, curly hair and I wear it long because it looks its best that way and is easiest to manage. I did cut it to shoulder-length about two summers ago, but hated having to fuss with it. I wear mine either blown out straight (when I go to the hairdresser's and get it colored), blow-dried wavy, or just wash it and put it up at night and take it down in the morning, and it's really curly (that's most of the time,because it is so easy." I've been thinking again about cutting a lot of it off, because I think I also use my hair as a security blanket...

    Your new cut looks fabulous!!!

  4. I LOVE it! I get bored with my hair after a time and have to cut it off every once in a while... I have no fear of it! It's just hair; it'll grow back. And the results are almost always fun and beautiful. :)

    You look great! I'm jealous and may have to go for a haircut soon...

  5. It's so cute! I have definitely thought of chopping mine off just to have something different, but I'm too scared :P

    Thanks for the encouraging comments on my blog, Yasi :)

  6. I love it :DD
    And I have had a LOT of different hairstyles over the years!
    It is good to try new things :)

  7. Beautiful!

    I find the shorter my hair is, the more often I want to cut it too. But, you have a pretty, thin face, whereas I look like a big tennis ball if my hair gets too short (thanks chubby cheeks!). :)

    Love the new 'do!

  8. oh my goodnesssss! i loveeee your hair! It looks so good :)

  9. I love it, too. No, i LOVE it.
    I have been growing my hair long for the past year. Since my brother died, sometimes you need to grow, sometimes you need to chop.

  10. I love it!

    I like my hair long, but I've done it short before!

  11. GORGEOUS!!! I love it! :D

    I've had my hair short and longer and I prefer longer because it seems like I can do more with it. Since I cut my own hair though, I enjoy experimenting with all different layers and styles when my current hair dew get's old.

  12. Thanks for the lovely comments, everyone! :) :)


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