Monday, April 18, 2011

Snow?!?!?! And adorable kitty pix.

Today, I woke up to this:

I believe what followed were a series of:

"Mother bleebingbleeb!!!  Are you bleebing kidding me?!?!"

But, in other news... 
as you may know, I absolutely adore my cats.  My black cat is pretty chunky, yet he only eats cat food.  He doesn't like any human foods except olives.  So, last night we had pizza with black olives, and my kitty, of course,  got super excited.  

This is how it went down:


Happy Monday!



  1. Snow?! Ugh, stay warm!

    Your cat is so cute. So funny that he likes olives. One of my cats loves lettuce and my other one likes marshmallows! Cats are such funny little things!


  2. I am sorry that we sent snow over by you, Yasi! We had snow last Saturday and it looked like it moved over by you!

    :( We are supposed to get snow again this Wednesday and I hope it won't go your way.

    Your cat is so so cute.

    I saw this pix on FB and I spent good few minutes laughing.

    One of our fur babies, Missy, LOVES popcorn. She always sit by us when we have popcorn and she is normally not a talker but when it comes to the popcorn, she is like MEOEW MEOW MEOW, Look at me, look at me, feed me, feed me! ha ha ha!

  3. Snow? Boo! At least you have cute kitties. Mine refuses to eat tuna or drink milk, but he really seems to enjoy frozen corn and any sort of bean-- especially black beans and garbanzo beans-- and preferably those that come from a can. Such strange little creatures :)

  4. i read this last night and then dreamt that i woke up to snow. brrrrrrr.

    hope it cleared up and the sun is beaming in your neck of the woods.

    i haven't had a kitty in years. i think about it sometimes, but i'm not ready yet. probably some day.

    i ate olives last night too.

  5. Haha I love hearing your cat stories!!


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