Friday, April 1, 2011

Encounters with celebrities--by a star-struck girl! :)

As you know, I've been visiting my family in L.A. for the past two week.  In short, it has been AWESOME!

I've eaten tons of delicious foods that I can't get back at home, I've accomplished some marathon shopping with my Mom, enjoyed the wonderful weather, had some major fun with my family, and met celebrities at a VIP Sony event that my brother was invited to.


So, instead of boring you with a snooze-fest of text, I'll share some highlights of the Sony event!

My brother runs a fantastic site called  He got invited to cover a VIP Sony store opening and took me as his guest.  
It was really fun, and we were introduced to new Sony products.  Oh and did I mention... we met tons of celebrities?!  
I was insanely star-struck, and I did not try to hide it!  I was totally fine with playing the "Hi, can I take a picture with you?!  I don't usually see celebrities in Michigan!" card. 

The red carpet.

My brother, having a fruitful conversation with the VP of Sony.
Me recording it, via the Sony Bloggie. :)

Me assisting in photography for!

We met Adrian Grenier from Entourage!

Mark from DWTS

Chelsie from DWTS

Ali & Roberto from The Bachelorette

My bro with Anthony Anderson

We chatted up Craig Robinson from The Office! 

He was super nice & extremely TALL 
(The latter, being the first thing I told him when I spoke with him. "OMG!  You are SOOO tall."  Smooth, Yasi, smooooth.)

Finally, a full outfit shot. =)
Dress & bangels: H&M
Purse: Louis Vuitton
Riding boots: Macy's

Me & another guest-- we liked each other's outfits & naturally gravitated toward each other. 

My bro & I with our swag bags! =)

Overall, my trip to L.A. has been amazing, and I promise to follow up with more pictures of fun stuff!

Have a fabulous Friday!!



  1. OMG! It looked like you had a blast!!! Loved the outfit as well.

  2. You look right at home with all those glitzy celebs!
    How did the photo contest turn out?

  3. Thanks, ladies! Missy-- we didn't end up winning. =)

  4. i am just way too jealous. i am sooo star-struck and i love Dancing With the Stars.

    love your outfit -- dress & bangles. and your brother looks like a sweetheart.

    glad you had such a great time. and got to meet tons of celebrities.

  5. I love the high-street and designer clash.
    I use it a lot.
    Perfect dress from H&M and then the wonders of a classic Louis bag ;)


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