Friday, August 6, 2010

Old Hollywood

My friends' wedding is tomorrow.  I LOVE weddings.  Well, I love parties in general.  And one of the reasons I love parties is sort of silly...  I absolutely adore getting dressed up.  It's one of my favorite parts of a special occasion!

I almost always figure out what I'm going to wear to a party way before hand and it's only because I am so excited about the putting together a cool outfit!!

I put together an outfit for this wedding in June.  See here.

The more I thought about it, I wasn't sure if this wedding was going to be fancy enough to wear a headpiece.  And I didn't want to wear the blue shoes without the headpiece.

As time went on, I bought another little black cocktail dress from Forever 21.  This time, I wasn't sure what shoes I was going to pair it with or really what style I was going to go for.  But, the deciding factor ended up being my hair.

If you knew me you would know that I am suuuuuuuuper lazy about my hair.  I basically let it do whatever it wants.  I'm a shower and air dry kind of girl.  But since I have wavy hair, sometimes it can look a little crazy.  But most days it looks somewhat interesting (to me anyway! haha).

Anyway, getting to the point.  The wedding is tomorrow at four and the only hair style that would really go with this new dress would be if I straightened my hair or if I curled it with a curling iron.  However, I have a very very very busy day tomorrow:  Picking mom up from the far-away airport at 10 am, final wedding meeting with the reception hall at 1 pm, and my friend's wedding at 4 pm.  So, where would I find the time to straighten my hair??  It usually takes a good hour for me to straighten my hair.

So I decided to do the one hair style I always do when I'm in a pinch, but with an added twist.  I tried a basket weave braid around the front of my hair, starting at the left ear, working my way to the right.  I then tied the loose hair into a side pony tail, curled the pieces, and pinned it into a side bun.  It took probably 15 minutes and I think it looked pretty good!

And it looked very Old Hollywood so I decided to accessorize the outfit with bright red matte lipstick from MAC, a long loose pearl necklace and pearl earrings, and I finished off the look with peep toe pumps.

Yay!  Style problem solved.  And I think I can put this together very quickly tomorrow.  :)


  1. i love your hair, its perfect and beautiful!!!

    and i love the photo of you with all your shoes strewn about in the background, so cute :)

    have fun at the wedding!

  2. Your hair looks perfect. I really like the hairstyle and wish I could be able to do it as well.
    You'll look great at your friends wedding

  3. Thank you everyone! The wedding was fun =)

  4. I wish I knew how to braid my hair to the side like that! You should give hair lessons... in Chicago ;)

  5. If I was there I totally would!! It's easy once you get the hang of it. But it takes lots and lots of practice!


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