Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Gym Dilemma

A gym can be a very interesting place.  Just saying the word 'gym' can cause an instantaneous rush of emotions in most people.  A large majority of people absolutely hate the gym.  But then there are the group of people that absolutely love it, and wouldn't know what to do without a gym to go to.

I used to be COMPLETELY in the former group.  I used to even brag about how I never went to the gym because I absolutely despised structured work-outs, yet I was still thin.  Yay.  Well, what most people didn't know was that I had an eating disorder.  And the reason that I hated doing physical activity and going to the gym was because I didn't have the energy to go for a run, or lift weights, or get on an elliptical. I was spending all the little energy that I had on not eating.  Not healthy.  I know that now.

My true Recovery Journey started last January, and it went hand-in-hand with my beginning to go to the gym.  Well, that's not completely true.  After I went through the "I can't take this anymore!  I'm going to recover.", I bought Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred DVD.  Because in my mind, I knew that by eating more, I was bound to gain weight.  And this DVD promised to make me lose weight.  So, it seemed perfect for me... I'd eat more and still tone and lose weight.  By golly, I'd struck gold!

However; that's not exactly how things turned out (Thank God =D ).  I got bored with the 30-Day Shred  after two weeks of doing it almost every day.  And I got so sick of hopping around in my room all by myself, and having this Lady Beast yelling at me to give her 10 more push-ups only to tell me that she was kidding, she wants another ten.  Damn you!!

So, I decided to take a chance and join a gym.  I had done this a couple of times before-- paid the fees only to go twice.  But, I said what the hey, I'll try it again.

And so began The Gym Adventures of Yasi.  Now, let me tell you, the gym that I went to was the my university gym.  And this baby was AWESOME.  And over the last ten months I fell in love with it over and over again.  It was a place to unwind, to tone up, to let my mind roam, and to people watch.  I sure loved the people watching!

I won't really get into this in this post, but, joining that gym was probably one of the biggest aids in my recovery process.  It helped me be O.K. with eating more, because I knew that I was using that energy at the gym and making my body healthy.

So, what's my dilemma?  Well, we moved a ways away from the city that we were living in, so I can't go to my beloved gym anymore.  What's more is that our apartment complex has a gym.  Albeit, a very small gym with not a lot of equipment.  It has a few bike machines, a few ellipticals, and a few treadmills, and a really really really crappy 'weight lifting machine'.  This lifting machine is so old that when I do my legwork on it, I swear it's dislocating my muscles.  And it only has two "leg" functions.  So, I can only work two of my muscle groups.

My workouts usually consist of 10-15 minutes on the elliptical, then 20-25 minutes of walking on the highest incline at 4.3 mph on the treadmill, and then 30-40 minutes of ab-work/mat-work and the leg machines.  Well, now that I don't have my wide array of leg machines, I'm having to come up with new exercises to make up for the machines using my own body weight, or an exercise ball.  All of which is O.K., I guess.

But, the real kicker is that there's never anyone in the gym.  It's depressing!  It's like:  me, myself, and I, for over an hour.  It sucks.  And there are only three TVs, that you're not allowed to change the channels on.  Oh, and they don't turn on the closed-captioning.  At my old gym, I got spoiled with having a TV on each of the cardio machines.  So, I could make a 30 minute cardio session go by in the time that it took me to watch one episode of whatever I could find.

If you can't tell already, I'm gymsick for my old gym!  Why don't I join a new gym?  Well, I might.  I talked to J about it a couple of days ago.  The truth is, since we have a gym in the complex, I feel guilty paying to go to another gym.  Because most of the machines that I need are right here.  But, I don't ever get excited to go to the gym anymore.  It feels like a chore.  I have to literally talk myself into going.  And it's so hard because I'll know I'm going into a blocked off room, all by myself, to use crappy machines.

Boo.  So, after talking to J about it, I'm going to check out a gym today just to see if I like it.  And then we will be discussing the financial aspect of it.

So, tell me:

1.  If you were in my position what would you do?  Stick with the complex gym or find a better gym and pay the extra money?

2.  Do you love going to the gym?  If not, what's your favorite work-out routine?

Have a happy Wednesday!


  1. interesting post, in doing sports you should always find enjoyment in it. I hate when it becomes like a second job.
    Q#1: Do you get that bored while using your complex gym that there might be a chance that you stop using it at all? if yes, get a membership to a better gym.

    Q#2: I use MSU pool 2-3 times a week, plus 2 times running outside, funny that I don't use my own treamill anymore after trying outdoor runs.
    P.S. I am there with though "I sure loved the people watching!"

  2. 1. If you were in my position what would you do? Stick with the complex gym or find a better gym and pay the extra money?

    Hmm, If I were you I would join a new gym, but I may be biased because I just joined a new gym myself.

    2. Do you love going to the gym? If not, what's your favorite work-out routine?

    Im starting to love it. Im also starting to love "running" and how I feel afterwards. Ask me again a month though ;)

  3. 1). I'd suck up the money and pay extra for the gym. I did that...and then Bally's caught fire, so now I'm up a creek. :/

    2). I LOVE the gym. Well, I did. Now, I impatiently wait for them to reopen so I can do my half hour-45 minute cardio, and my weight lifting routine. However, I'm thinking of joining a class like Zumba or Spinning once they reopen.

    Side note: when we moved down here last year, I hardcore missed my gym. In fact, I still yearn for it nearly once a week. Once you fall in love and lose it, I don't think that ache ever goes away. :(

  4. honestly, I just enjoy running outside because it's 1. free 2. meditative 3. you don't end up comparing yourself to other people.

    however, I can use the gym at my school for free, and i do a couple times a week. class workouts are so much fun! what if you just got a group of your friends together and you could do a workout DVD at home and then run together afterwards?

  5. I would probably find a better gym or exercise outside! When i started recovery, i used to feel like i HAD to join a gym. Now, i actually like walks, hula hooping, biking, and swimming better.

    So my advice is, enjoy the fresh air while it lasts! The gym will be waiting for you in the winter.

  6. #1. I would suggest finding a another gym or find a partner to workout with. But number 1 thing is to make it fun and enjoyable!

    #2. I love it! I have been going to the gym 5/6 days per week for the longest time. It builds self confidence and give me a ton more energy throughout the day.


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