Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Joys of Cooking

In the past two weeks I have developed a passion for cooking that would give Betty Crocker a run for her money.

I've baked cookies, cooked various Persian dishes and pasta dishes, and I even cooked a butternut squash soup and shrimp dinner last night- from SCRATCH!

I don't know why this chef light has been ignited within me, but I like it!  Since I lived alone and battled with ED, I'd never really been one to make big meals that take time to prepare.  I almost always gravitated toward meals that were easy and fast and low in calories-- and unfulfilling, most of the time!

However; since J and I have gotten married, I feel this urge to prepare a nice dinner for our little family.  I actually *want* to cook, and it's really fun.  Yes, I still think of the nutritional value of what I'm cooking.  But I have broken out of the whole "I'll have 1 serving of pasta with 2 spoonfuls of pasta sauce because that's roughly 300 calories".  

With the stuff I'm cooking, I can't really count the calories--because I don't know them.  And it's so wonderfully freeing.  I can cook for the sheer love of making that specific meal and knowing that J and I will share it together.  I can cook because it's fun to create something from scratch and present it to someone with a "Ta-Da!  Look what I made!  It's from scratch.".  

It's as if concocting delicious meals has been a part of my therapy.  Food therapy.  I like it.  

And the amount of pride that I have when presenting these meals to J (and to myself, haha).  It's as if I'm birthing a baby-- "It's so beautiful!", "Uh-huh, I created that!",  "I have never been more proud!"

It's a bit ridiculous, really.  But, hey, whatever butters your bread, right? ;)

Here's a pic of me baking J's favorite cookies: Peanut butter chocolate chip.  They were crazy delicious and were gone in 2 days!  Hehe.

P.S.  I highly recommend cooking a 'winter squash soup'.  It's honestly one of the healthiest, most delicious, and comforting soups I've ever had!  And it's pretty easy =)


  1. I LOVE baking/cooking. There's nothing like the simple joy of making a beautiful creation, and then getting to EAT it!

    Don't worry about how fattening/caloric the food is so much easier to make food healthier by making it yourself. I almost always try to make things lower in fat or lower in calories...however, there are times when it doesn't pay to cut corners. Tonight I am making homemade Mac' and Cheese. Full of fat, but so good in moderation.

    P.S. If you feel the need to share, I know two hungry graduate students in St. Louis. ;)

  2. I love cooking as well. It is my therapy. It is much healthier most of the time because I know what is going in the food yet I am not worried about how many calories are in it. I enuoy my food more this way! And I know Stu (my finace) absolutely loves my cooking as well! So that's a bonus! :)

  3. LoveLoveLove this!

    How funny that we are both finding ourselves so culinarily inspired. (0:
    I am not quite up to your level yet (still measuring the sauce...etc) BUT with time....

    Problem is...I am thinking about food ALL the TIME! I worry, but I am convinced this is OK because I am not focusing on what I can't eat...but all the things I can! "Hmmm...wonder if I could make a dip out of....wonder what would happen if I roasted this....etc."

    Hope you share more of your culinary experiences but don't forget to have the hubby make you dinner every once in a while (you gotta train them early on, I

  4. I love baking/cooking too. I think it's almost like an art and it's a way of me letting go of frustration and making perfect things. I'll have to make the squash soup sometime!

  5. Hi Yasi,
    Found your Blog on Zaras GypsyVillage.
    This cookies looks so much jummy! Maybe you want to share how to do it?


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