Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm a Bachelorette!

  My wonderful almost-sister-in-law and cousin-in-law are throwing me a bachelorette party this Saturday.  I cannot tell you how freaking excited I am for this. 

 I get to dress up and the party is for ME?? 


And of course I bought a new dress for the occasion ;)  The dress didn't come with the belt.  I bought it separately.  It's a bit mismatched, so I might end up wearing a black belt to cinch my waist.  But I kind of like the fact that it doesn't quite match.  It's like a little surprise!

Mismatched belt

Mismatched belt

Black belt

So, what do you think...
Does the mismatched belt looks okay or does it look out of place?  


  1. i really quite like the belt! i love it when people mix and match quirky things. of course, the black belt would like nice too - but it would sort of blend in rather than make a statement.

    having said that, as much as i would want to wear the funky belt, i would probably have outfit anxiety about it once i left the house. if you aren't bothered by such things then i think you should totally go for it!

    have a GREAT time at your bachelorette, and congrats, by the way!

  2. Wear the belt! But, do you have some funky jewelry to doll it up with?

    HAVE FUN! Bachelorette party=AWESOME!

  3. Love the look awesome by the way! Enjoy yourself!


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