Tuesday, November 9, 2010



The one piece of clothing that can actually arise a myriad of emotions.  Some swear by their easy utility and the idea that you can dress them up and dress them down.  And some bolt in the opposite direction.  (As is the case with a friend of mine who literally did not done a pair of jeans for five years.  FIVE years!)

Regardless of the feeling that the J-word gives you, jeans are a practical fashion must-have and a staple in many wardrobes.  The proper pair of jeans can make you go from frump to fashionista.

And we are in luck because many different types of jeans are 'in' right now.  Countless options are available to our fashion interpretation: wide legs, flares, skinnies, jeggings, cargos, cropped jeans, jean shorts, and much more.  Jeans can be worn in every which way, while making a bold fashion statement!

Remember the 90's?  If you didn't wear nice flared jeans you may as well not have left your house until the pair from Abercrombie arrived at the door.  And nice jeans that were acceptable were so incredibly expensive as we didn't have the option of affordable stores like Forever21.

Now, rocking various types of jeans is justifiable and fun!

With the arrival of Fall and the emergence of your warmer wardrobe comes the big question.
"How should I wear my jeans this season?" 

Two huge jean trends this season are dressed up jean shorts, and jeggings tucked into ankle boots.
Both looks are very edgy and tend to be tricky.  You don't want to look disproportioned while wearing your tightest jeggings with blocky ankle boots.  And you certainly don't want to wear your jean shorts and look like you forgot what season it is.

Here are some fabulous ways to wear the two looks.  And remember to always be confident of your outfit and carry yourself proudly; as that is truly the secret to rocking any look.  ;)

Short shorts

Jeggings and ankle boots


  1. I love how you incorporate fashion into your blog (0:

    PS Rip up any-more jeans lately? Sill think about that post alot.


  2. Thanks, Missy!

    Haha nope, not recently! =P


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