Thursday, June 24, 2010

Girls like Boys

  As you know, I went shopping yesterday and got a few fabulous things.  This blazer and the necklace found their way into my hands and they were simply BEGGING for me take them home.  So, being a generous person, I adopted them so that they could play with the other clothes in my closet! ;)

  The blazer, necklace, and pants are all from Ann Taylor.  The men's shirt is from Forever21.  And the hat is from... one of my Persian dance performance outfits.  Haha!

  And when your brain suddenly instructs your hands to pull all of these pieces from your closet and put them together, what do you do?  Play dress up!!


P.S.  This blazer was a GREAT buy.  It was like $40ish dollars (@ 40% off).  And I've been wanting one for like a year and a half.

P.P.S.  Do you think the hanging monkey adds to the gangsta-ness of the last picture?  =P


  1. I have a similar coat designed by Lauren Conrad ($40 in sale). I can't wait to wear it with a white shirt underneath and loose black tie, very cool!

  2. Ooh yeah that would look great with a black tie!!

    Love it!

  3. i love your style! it's soooo cute. and i like the updated blog header pics! cuuuute. hope you're doing well! xoxo

  4. Thanks Emmy! I'm completely revamping the site. It was looking way too dreary with the all black background.


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