Sunday, June 27, 2010

Love can be Blue

  Let me start off by bragging about my wonderful fiance a bit.  I have been looking for a pair of colorful shoes to go with this dress that I posted about a couple of days ago.  So while shopping with J, I dragged him to Macy's so that I could shoe shop.  I gotta tell ya, the man's picked up on what I love in clothes and accessories because look at the shoes he picked out!!

Jessica Simpson shoes

  So I tried on the shoes when I got home to see if they matched the dress and noticed that they matched this fantastic headband that I got a little while ago.  

 I actually pinned the headband down b/c the feathers were a bit much for a wedding reception (I'm wearing this ensemble to my friend's wedding). 

  Anywho, I absolutely adore how the shoes look with the dress!!  And I love love love the headband.  However, I shared these pix with my mom and she thinks the headband is too much for a wedding.  But this headband is totally representative of my personality... 

  So now I pose this question to you, my fabulous peeps, is this headband too much with this outfit for a wedding?

  I'm not sure if the comments will or will not affect my decision, but it would be nice to get some feedback from others.

I think Pirate loves the shoes just as much as I do!



  1. I think the look is great! Is the wedding (or reception) in the evening? I would go for it, for sure in that case. Even if it's a daytime wedding, you can pull it off!

  2. Hmmm, I know in England all the women wear fascinators (the fancy word for your headband) to weddings. I was inspired by Lexi and some of her English fashion to wear a fascinator at my wedding. But, I dont know if I would wear one if I was not the bride. BUT AGAIN, that whole outfit is so freaking cute, I saw go for it, especially if you know your friend would love it!

  3. The wedding is in the late afternoon and the reception is in the evening.

    The thing is, my friend is not the exactly a fashionista. I've known her since middle school, and her fashion change has not changed much since then :(

    But does that mean that I have to not wear what I love? Is it rude?

    It's not like I'm wearing a dress that is white (which I actually don't even really have a problem with! hehe ).

  4. I LOVE these shoes! So cute and in such a pretty, bold shade.
    xo Josie

  5. I think it's not rude to wear the headband. You should wear the outfit exactly like in the pictures if you feel good about it.
    You look beautiful.

    By the way: I was guest at a wedding a few weeks ago and had a similar headband but with grey feathers. Finally I was so busy getting dressed and doing my hair that I forgot about it and it spent the whole wedding in my suitcase :( So please wear yours, for you and for me ;)

  6. OMG I love the outfit!!! You look great!!
    The simple black with bright cute!!
    I also LOVE Pirate...he looks almost identical to my kitty, Dublin :)


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