Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ridding myself of size 0 mentality- Out with the old, in with the new

  Getting ready for work this morning left me annoyed.  It was 80 degrees out and a lot of my work appropriate shorts and pants just didn't fit right.  My ass was being squeezed into a cantaloupe shape by most of the pants.  And there was some very unwanted stretching of pant fabric going on around the nether-regions.  NOT good.  It would be an understatement to say that I was pissed and frustrated.

Yes, most of these pants were size 0.  Yes, most of these pants had fit me for the past 4 years.  But I'll be the first to admit that they are not fitting correctly anymore!  So I thought:  "eff this.  My body has changed and I'm just going to have to admit it and deal with it."

In reality, trying on pant after pant after pant only to realize that my thighs and my butt have gotten bigger was sad.  I haven't had my pants not fit me correctly in YEARS.  I have a closet full of different types of pants that look like poo on me now.  And I refuse to walk around looking like poo when I'm not.  Even though it's difficult to cope with all of the body changes, I am glad that I did this lifestyle transformation and that I'm exercising and eating correctly now.  Yes, my body has gotten bigger and more muscular and I'm not skin and bones anymore, but that doesn't mean I can't look good in clothes.  Maybe I just can't look good in my old clothes.

And this little thought developed into a 2 hour shopping extravaganza for work appropriate summer pants and shorts.  In addition, I came to the conclusion that I should just start taking size 2 pants into fitting rooms because I am just not a size 0 anymore.  And that's that.

 Right after I post this I will be raiding my closet and getting rid of any pants that I don't feel are up to par.  God knows I need to get rid of clothes.  I'm a clothes hoarder.  My only excuse is that I'll always wear it later!  And I always do.  However, my body is probably not going to change back and be uber thin.  So it's my clothes that have to change.  No reason to stare at size 0 pants that make your bottom resemble a large fruit.

Here are the pants that I bought.

1.  Khaki cargo shorts from Anne Taylor Loft
2.  Cropped skinny chinos from Anne Taylor Loft
3.  Dark denim washed bermuda shorts from Forever 21

Also, I'm usually a flats type of girl.  But I own a gazillion pairs of heels that I really need to get more use out of.  And I have really long limbs for how short I am (5'2").  So when I wear heels I like that they make my legs look lanky.  I need to start putting my heels into action!!

Anyway, here are the pix.  What do you think of the pants/shorts?

Questions for you:

Do you have a certain size mentality?  Is a certain size the holy grail of sizes for you?

Do you often throw out/donate old clothes or do you keep them around for years?

Do you throw out/donate clothes that don't fit you anymore or do you keep them around for that 'one day'?

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