Friday, March 12, 2010

Are you a Runner? Because you look like one.

Hello blog-world! ( WOW.  that was so incredibly dorky that I'm even a bit embarrassed.)

Ok now...

I had a hard-core session at the gym today.  I mean it was HARD.CORE.  There were 3 guys from the MSU basketball or football or something team at the gym.  And while I was doing my crazy hand-weight and ab work outs and sweating like a jungle creature (actually, do animals sweat?), I looked over at them and thought "You're probably all thinking, man this girl is INTENSE... it's kinda intimidating, and you know what- I AM".  I always find guy/girl dynamics so interesting at the gym.  Like today.  They guys are working out in a group, being loud, trying to get attention, trying to get the crazy-sweating-jungle-creature to look at them, but hey guess what this creature is having such a freaking good workout that she's gonna completely ignore you.  She is JUST.THAT.BADASS.

But in all reality, I didn't actually fully realize until today how much stronger my body has gotten since I began working out this January.  On the hip abductor, I have gone up from two 75-80-pounds sets of 20, to two 95-110-pound sets of 20.  On the butt machine I have increased from 120 to 130 pounds ( 3 sets of 10).  And my abs have gotten super tight and strong.  I actually did sort of a show-off ab-move today just to see if I could do it.  I lay on my back on the mat, and reached my hands behind my head and held onto this large square column thing that is connected from the gym floor to the ceiling,I put my feet together and stretched my legs out on the mat, and then I raised them and lowered them very slowly for many, many, reps. It was awesome!! You're usually supposed to do that move with a spotter, and I couldn't even do it when I was 14! Here is sorta what it looks like:

And the cherry on top was that when I was getting off of the hip-abductor machine there was this man next to me. He asked me if what I was doing was hard and I said "well, yes, I was pressing 110 pounds and then switched to 95 and that's a lot of weight!". And he said "wow, you made it look easy!" He then asked me if I was a runner and I said "No, I just work out here 4 times a week". And he said "Oh, you look like a runner". I cannot tell you how that is *music to my hears*. I LOVE the way runner's body's look. So, yes, take THAT bad-body-image-day-of-yesterday! I look like a runner! A 50 year old man said so! *Shifting eyes* Haha.

Here's a quick list of what I ate today. I haven't had dinner yet because I have Persian dance practice in 20 minutes.

-100% wheat bagel, 1/3 fat philly cream cheese, tea

Mid-morning snack:
-50 calorie Light & Fit

-2 hard boiled eggs, 1 orange

Mid-afternoon snack:
-1 piece of 100% wheat bread, One 10-calorie jello snack

Ok, I gotta get ready for dance practice. Yay for a good body-image day! But I will leave you with this. It's really interesting/ridiculous how much stock we put into what other people say about us. I have the same exact body as I did yesterday, yet today I feel like a champion and yesterday I felt like poo.

Now chew that little nugget.

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