Monday, March 22, 2010

Get back in the groove, lazy!

I have not worked out for FIVE days.  This is the longest I've gone without working out since January.  And I feel like a lazy bum!  I have gotten up every day saying that by the end of the day I will either go to the gym or go running outside.  But I have managed to come up with a multitude of uninteresting tasks to do instead of working out (work on thesis, work on internship literature search assignment...).  I really and truly don't know what got me out of my rhythm, but something did.  The only thing that I can do is just do it tomorrow.  So, hopefully I will be reporting in having done some type of a work out tomorrow night!

Here's my food diary for today:

-wheat bagel w/ 1/3 fat philly cream cheese + tea

-nature valley bar + 2 eggs

Afternoon snack:
-kiwi fruit

-cheesy mashed potato with fish

After dinner snack:
-2 Dove dark chocolates w/ non-caffeinated (!) earl grey tea <~~~~~~~Amazing at night =D

Oh and to mention, I ate pretty badly this weekend.  As in, I got one of those ready-to-bake chocolate chip cookie things and finished off the whole thing.  By myself.  Quite the accomplishment!  I am disappointed with my eating this weekend and the fact that I haven't worked out.  But, I can't punish myself.  I just have to get back into my normal routine.

Wish me luck!  (And hope that I work out tomorrow, haha)

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  1. I slacked this weekend too Yasi. We'll pick it back up ;)


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