Monday, March 15, 2010

Beyond tired

I am soooo above and beyond tired right now. It's 6 pm and I'm too tired to even take a shower. So, I will keep this really short with what I ate today and a little bit about the gym. Oh, and if you were wondering why I'm so tired it's because I barely got 1 or 2 hours of sleep last night! Why? I have NO IDEA!! But it was horrible.

-100% wheat bagel + 1/3 fat philly cream cheese + tea

*Mid-morning snack:
-50 calorie Light & Fit +8 almonds

-Chicken sandwich on 100% wheat bread with avocado, lettuce and raspberry dressing

*Mid-afternoon snack:
-1 plum + a handful of mini-carrots

-will probably eat chicken pasta with a side of broccoli

On another note, I did a full gym work out with my eyes half closed today. Don't try that at home, kids! I'm glad I went. However, it was kind of weird. Haha. I also weighed myself and I weigh 112.5 pounds. Up from last week! I really shouldn't have weighed myself. I was wearing more clothes than last time, and it was later in the day, so there was the food weight in my body. Although I've been eating 'normally' now for about a month and it's fantastic. So it's kind of hard to scoff at the weight. I mean, I care. It bothers me that the number on the scale has gone up. But I look great and I don't look 'fat'. So I dunno, man! This journey's pretty crazy on the emotions.

Ok I'm gonna make myself shower and then eat. (I'm STARVING).

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