Saturday, April 24, 2010

Friends, Food, & Fun

  Last night J and I went to a really fabulous restaurant with 3 of other other couple friends.  The restaurant was having a 'special' of an appetizer, a delicious entree, and dessert for ~$30/person.  So basically, an amazing meal for a great price.

  I didn't feel guilty heading into dinner because I have eaten *really* well this week.  I didn't eat any junk food at all.  I had all 3 meals every day and I ate a lot of fruits and veggies.  I realized that if I 'cut out the crap' I wouldn't feel super guilty when it came to eating out during the weekend (not eating HORRIBLY, just loosening it up a bit).  So I watched what I was eating and I tried to eat as healthfully as possible, incorporating fruits and veggies into my lunches and dinners.  Also, I tried to eat a lot more protein and lessen the amount of carbs I eat for dinner.  I hate feeling super heavy when I go to bed, so cutting out the amount of dinner carbs helped with that.  The past week I've felt more 'lean' because I don't feel as 'heavy'.  I don't know if that feeling is actually weight loss or not, but whatever.  I have been told by J & 2 of my closest friends that I look great and that I have to stop weighing myself.  So I did.  The scale is not my friend.  I put way too much stock into what those numbers mean to me and my self-worth.  My legs are muscular now.  Nothing really jiggles.  I have definition, and I like it.

  Anyway, back to last night.  For the dinner I had a caesar salad, fillet mignon with mashed potatoes and asparagus, and a perfectly portioned amount of tiramisu (and I totally stole a couple of scoops of J's ice cream :-P).  Oh and I had wine, 2 big glasses of wine.  And apparently I'm the biggest light-weight on the planet because I was bouncing off the walls.  It was really super fun until about an hour after dinner.  The wine was swimming around in my stomach and my head was floating somewhere in space.  So J rescued me and bought me fries.  A big thing of fries.  And you know what?  I did not feel guilty eating them because I had eaten so well all week.  And in all reality, all I wanted was for something to soak up the wine and for my head to stop throbbing.  So I ate the fries (which babe (if you're reading), were pretty subpar!!) and gee golly wiz, I felt better!

  I'm really happy that I was able to go out, control my eating, have fun with friends, and not feel guilty afterwards.  Especially after how I felt last weekend.  So yay for a great night out!!

  Today J & I are going to the gym and I will probably do my regular routine: ~30 minutes of the elliptical and ~30-40 minutes of weight training.  And afterwards we're going shopping for veggies and salad fixings.

  Did you guys do anything fun last night?  Do you have anything fun planned for the weekend?



  1. I went to a restaurant on friday with my friends for my friends birthday. I didnt really eat healthily and then i felt really guilty. I had, a veggie burger, salad and chips and then this chocolate cake for pudding, plus sweets! But ive been healthy yesterday and today so hopefully, it'll be okay, well done on being healthy all week, you deserve a treat if youve been good :) Glad you had a nice time, x

  2. Thanks Millie =) Good luck on eating well!


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