Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wedding food tasting

Helloooo Beef Tenderloin ;)

Hey there, Chicken Florentine ;)

  We had our food tasting for the wedding today.  And it was super fun!  It was me, J, his mom and cousin.  So basically, we had to call ahead and pick out two dishes that we really wanted to try.  However, we would also get to try foods that other couples (attending our tasting) had picked out as their two dishes.  The food was served buffet style and it was mm-mm gooood!!  Actually, some of the things were good, some were ehh, and some were oh-heeeell-NO (snap, snap).  

  After eating little bits of 20+ types of food, we unanimously decided on Beef Tenderloin and Chicken Florentine.  But if you know me you would know that nothing beats out a good beef dish for me ;)  I wouldn't be caught dead ordering chicken at a wedding.  I mean COME ON, can't you just like boil that at your own house?  Hehe
  Oh and after dinner J and I stopped at Baskin Robbins (upon my request!).  And I got the superduper chocolate fudge bla bla bla ice cream in a waffle cone.  J calls this nuclear chocolate ice cream because well, it is.
  Yeah I probably didn't eat the greatest today, but I did go to the gym this morning.  I weighed myself this morning at the gym and I was 113.  Ehhh not too happy with the number.  I do need to lose like 3-5 pounds because I have my 1st dress fitting in 3 weeks.  It's not that I'm extremely unhappy with my weight right now.  It's just that I'll want to be a wee-bit more svelt for the wedding, so I'll probably try to slim down a couple of pounds before the wedding.  And if my dress fittings are starting in 3 weeks, I'll probably want to be around the same weight for my fitting as I plan to be for the wedding.
  So I'm planning on eating pretty clean in the next few weeks.  I've been eating pretty richly lately, and I can't do that right before my 1st dress fitting.  Oh and graduation is in 3 weeks also, and I don't want to look pudgy-faced in the pictures.

  I will be going to the gym tomorrow and hopefully every day this week.  But oh man, there are so many events going on this weekend.  It's going to be difficult to eat well.  But I can try my hardest.  One of my best friends is visiting from S.C. this Friday, J's cousin's surprise birthday party is Saturday at Pizza House (doh!), and my other friend's going away potluck dinner party is Saturday night (doh^2!).
  On a positive note, my skin has pretty much cleared up.  I had an out-of-nowhere break out that has been healing for the past 3 weeks.  So I'm REALLY happy about that!

  Do you have any special events that you're trying to look your best for?

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