Sunday, May 23, 2010

Garfield & Me

  Garfield and I have a lot in common- when it comes to food.  Certain foods are magnets for us and we have to consume them if they are in sight.  

  Last night I had dinner at a friends' house.  And afterwards we devoured somewhere between 5-10 cookies each.  She is my favorite college roommate and I miss her terribly.  She was anorexic.  She knows about my demons. She is now (mostly) recovered.  I say mostly because once you're anorexic, you never fully bounce back.  

  After my cookie binge I picked up J and a couple of his friends from a friend's house and suggested that we go out for late night eats.  Being guys, they thought it was an awesome idea and agreed.  So we went and had fries and coney dogs.  It was disgusting and made me feel awful.  So I'm chalking yesterday up as a binge because I ate like complete crap and ate with determination.  I was determined to get the most 'bad' out of my day food-wise, since I'd already consumed a massive amount of cookies.

  However, my binges have lessened by A LOT.  And the other thing is, now that I'm working out consistently, I don't wake up feeling COMPLETELY bad the next morning.  I mean, yeah, I feel gross.  But my stomach is still tight from working out and my legs feel firm.  Point being, I can now recover faster from a binge routine.  Before I worked out, I would feel so disgusting and flabby after a binge that I would just binge for days.  Now I can stop after a day and get my eating back to normal because my body doesn't feel blabby after a binge.  The muscle and tone stops me from bingeing for multiple days.  And the fact that I don't feel completely unattractive helps get me back to my normal healthy eating routine.

  And the other thing is my face.  I am one of those people that gains weight in their face.  When I gain it shows up immediately in my cheeks and I get face pudge. Now that I'm eating normally and working out, I rarely ever get face pudge.  Even when I binge for a day or two.  This is a great accomplishment in my book.

  Tonight is the finale of LOST and we are having Taco Night.  We do this every few months and it's always fun and delicious.  We decided on Taco Night before I binged (yesterday), so I thought that the tacos would be my bad food for the weekend.  But you know what?  Eff that.  I'm going to eat my tacos.  And it will be fine and I will enjoy the hell out of them.

  Okay that's all.  Have a good Sunday :)

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