Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I have a bone to pick with Victoria's Secret

Alright Vickie's.  What the hell?!

Every time I see  this commercial I get so ticked off.  And I'm not even a very big girl.

Here is my issue:  DON'T try to sell this bra as a bra for 'all different body types' and cast models who all look the same: emaciated and clearly insanely thin.

I mean, honestly, it's just offensive!  We're not stupid.  And the worst part is that there are a few V.S. models that look a bit healthier than the girls chosen for those commercials.  Why did V.S. decide to put their skinniest girls in this commercial?

The world may never know.

As you can see here, a "plus-sized" model (she doesn't look very "plus" to me, just healthier) can look JUST as sexy as an emaciated model.  And you know what, you JUST might be able to sell more of your brand if you stood up for more normal body standards.

Meet the gorgeous Crystal Renn:

Disclaimer:  I do not own these photos.  They were taken from this website.

  Does anyone else get as peeved as me when they see this commercial?  Or other commercials similar to this?


  1. You want to know what peeves me?!?!?! That girl is NOT plus sized! If she is plus sized I am a whale!!!!

    She sure is pretty though ;)

  2. That peeves me too!!

    It's sad though that in the model world they regard her as plus sized.


  3. Congrats on starting this blog....and your life change. I love your posts!


    Plus Model: Lauren A. Koenig

  4. Lauren,
    Thank you so much! I'm glad you like the posts :)

    I totally googled you and wanted to tell you that you're gorgeous! I hope that you get really far in the fashion world and that I start seeing ads featuring you in fashion magazines.


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